Divorce Mediation Seattle

Divorce Mediation Seattle

Divorce ranks among the most stressful and traumatic experiences in life. When a divorcing couple can't see eye-to-eye on basic issues, small disagreements can escalate into unmanageable disputes. Yet, it is possible to dissolve a marriage without tearing one another apart.

There is no better way for spouses to mutually direct the outcome of their divorce than to engage a mediator to facilitate their negotiations. A well-mediated divorce can leave each party satisfied with the terms and poised for a healthier future. Moreover, mediation can be a much less expensive way to handle proceedings than lengthy dialogue and time in court.

When you decide to dissolve your marriage, your choice of a divorce mediator becomes critical to your quality of life during and after the process. A good mediator acts as an impartial third party to assist you and your spouse in defining the terms for dividing your once joined lives. Effective mediation requires an attorney with extensive experience in family law issues and mediation training.

Kathleen Royer has been a fixture in Seattle family law since 1992. Ms. Royer specializes in many of the most delicate forms of divorce dispute resolutions: parenting cases, post-decree modifications and property matters. Her training in parent-teen mediation and resolution of conflicts between family members gives her the experience to handle the most distraught family members even complicated divorce cases.

Find out how an experienced mediator and attorney like Kathleen Royer can help you dissolve your marriage with the least amount of conflict and expense.

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